Intervju: Haraball (english)

We had a talk with the hyper-current Haraball

Trond, Vegard, William, Daniel and Jon Eivind try the best they can to answer questions about everything and anything.


 How can Haraball be described in three words?

 -Textbook, forward-leaning watt.

And in three chords?

T: We only use one chord, but move it across the fingerboard really fast.

W: Word!


Is it pronounced HaRRaBALL or HaaraabaLL?

 J: Haràbalj

W: HaRRaBALL! When Spencer (my nephew, Baby-Federer) pronounces it like that, it stays like that.

T: I try to avoid saying it at all, really.

J: I`ve started saying "kanakkas" ("sloshed", -ed.)

W: Oh yes? That´s factual.
J: No wait, kanakkas is what you become at a Haraball. Sorry.


Are you, like, racists?

J: No

T: Daniel is from Lebanon!

D: 50% of me, at least. Do we get any extra cred for being a multicultural project?

J: And when he gets through the gate-rape at the airport without being stopped we don´t exactly stand around applauding. We don´t even raise an eyebrow.

T: Usually someone else in the band takes his carpet knife through security.


What`s "I Want Your Downs" about?

 J: A guy I know rubbed butter into his face when he was 13 because he wanted to be one of the cool guys with zits.


Name three albums which have been important to Haraball and why. COMEON!

1) Minor Threat. The first band we discovered and still the best.

2) Poison Idea - Pick Your King has been important for the guitar playing. Downstrokes until the tendinitis burns the arm!

3) Bad Brains - Rock For Light for fucks sake!


Who´s your core audience?

T: Cranky, old ex-edgers who think they could easily make a much better band themselves, they just don´t have the time.

W: Tennis fans, conservative voters, Per-Kristian Foss (Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party, -ed.)

T: That´s what I said!

J: Ha ha!


We´ve heard some rumours about your sXe background. What´s the truth behind these?

W: They are correct. Vegard, as the sect leader he is, brainwashed the whole crew. But we had some fun at least. A bit anyway.

T: It was fun.

D: It was fun.

J: It was fun.

W: It was fun.

V: Yeah, you guys had fun.

J: Trond and Daniel were never edge, though. How was it not being sXe? Ok?

T: I was like 12.

D: It was fine, I didn´t get beaten up or anything.

J: Vegard the sect leader...that´s a good point, Will! He was also the only one getting laid while the rest of us were stuck in virgin hell. Classic sect-leader behaviour.


What can we expect from the new album? When´s it coming? What´s it called?

W: Art. Progressive and innovative. Norway´s best HC record ever! Definitely top ten...or top hundred. Give or take a few...

J: ...within the last quarter.

T: I don´t think that´s an exaggeration. Top 120 between January and April 2013.

W: Word.

T: What´s this "word"-thing you´ve started saying!?

J: Anyway, the record is called "Sleep Tall" and is released April 26th. (international relase May 13th??)


Who´s Norway´s worst musician? Or band?

Datarock. Magnus/Sirkus Eliassen (Not all of it. He is Norway´s Andrew W.K after all), KAIZERS!!!!!!! TURDUS MUSICUS, Dunderbeist, Gåte, SHINING!!!!!. JARLE!, HANK!


What´s the nicest thing to do a hungover Saturday morning?

W: Smooth 69 and eggs

J: Ew...

D: Sleep. Just sleep until the pain subsides.

J: Coffee. Just sitting there happy to even be alive


Your are gonna play at the Øyafestival this year. Do you have a top 3 list over the best Øya-shows you´ve been to?


J: The Fall 2006, Sonic Youth 2008, Team Spirit 2001

D: Yessss, Team Spirit 2001! Motorpsycho 2010. Mirror Lakes 2012.


What came first: riff or beat?

W: Riff!

J: Beat.


Which bands does Haraball listen to during the week?


Nudes, Blotter, Altered Boys, Crazy Spirit, Goosebumps, The Spits, Cülo, Poison Idea, Nightmare (jpn), Amdi Petersens Armé, Natural Law, Thee Oh Sees, The Men (their older stuff), Minor Threat, Brown Sugar, Hoax, Nazi dust, Darkthrone, Stuffs vol.2, Black Easter, Iceage, Modern Warfare, Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, Kremlin, Bloodkrow Butcher, Pissed Jeans,Cleaners From Venus, Wipers, Dipers, S.H.I.T., Chronical Diarrhea,


Self-righteousness, cowardice or injustice? Pick one.


J: Cowardice.

W: Self-righteousness, definitely!


Norway´s most underrated band/artist/autist?


Thunderdicks, Rama Lama Das Pønkabteilung, PK (Politisk Korrekt), Benny Kåre Kroh Band.

W: I have to mention Valient, a heart wrenching emo-band I played in. Strong shit, was heartbroken and everything (bad "cocktail" if you know what I mean).


Bonus question: Which band is the best - Metallica (pre Black Album-line up) or Guns N´ Roses (Appetite For Destruction- line up)?


J: Gn´R

T: Gn´R of course.

W: Gn´R most def!

D: Gn´R, no doubt.

V: Hash, came last and have to answer Gn´R. The anti-alternative.

We´re looking forward to the album.

Erick Ellectrick , 12.april 2013




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