Intervju: Casa Murilo

Casa Murilo er et av de gemeste bandene i Norge og denne kvelden pĂĄ Revolver var de definitivt ogsĂĄ det blideste.

Jeg var så heldig å møte Chris, Dan og Fredrik i forbindelse med at de var ute og feiret en lang rekke store og små begivenheter. I deres egne ord:

Things we´re celebrating:

1. Lindmo on Friday

2. Tono money

3. Received the album

4. New single “In For The Kill” B-listed on P3

5. Going to Bangladesh + India (Indian indie hipsters)

6. Chris became a synth/vocalist

7. Chris´s birthday on Sunday

8. Sturla got a new pedal

Litt av en liste! Første gang jeg møtte dere var da dere varmet opp for Hiawata! på Tilt for et par år siden. Hva har endret seg siden den gang?

D We´ve been working our balls off.

C We´ve had some luck.

F Everything has grown larger and bigger. We’ve gone from an indie label to being signed by Sony. It´s been a constant staircase.

C It’s been like the Journey song “Don´t stop believing”.

D Keep the flame alive!

C We have had faith in ourselves.

D+F And made it to the promised land.

D+C Seriously though, we have been presented with some great opportunities and had some lucky breaks.

D We got a good spot on By:Larm and we got listed on the radio.

C In november last year we actually contemplated throwing it all inn, but then we wrote “Wrecking Ball” and out luck changed. As Dan said, we got a good slot at By:Larm, we started working with (super) producer Bjarne Stensli, got signed by Sony Music and “Wrecking ball” got heavy rotation on the radio.

Hvordan var det å spille på Øyafestivalen?

D It was one of the top 5 best moments of my life. Do you know the bridge you have to walk over to get into the festival area? We were tuning our instruments and generally preparing for our gig when we looked up towards the bridge and saw a group of approximately ten random people singing our “Wrecking ball”. That was really special. Also seeing all the people before the stage when the curtains were drawn was fantastic. We got really drunk after the show with our families who had flown in from England.

C The year before during the Pulp concert we said to each other that one day we wanted it to be us on that stage, but we had no idea that we would be there only a year later. We would love to get the opportunity to repeat next year if they get a cancellation. We´ll be the friendly superstar saviours!

Vi har et felles favorittband i fantastiske Nomber 5s, men jeg har lenge lurt på hvordan i alle dager dere oppdaget de og hvorfor dere er fans?

D I got their album If we get it on tape in 2009,

F Yeah, we were at Platekompaniet and were looking in the new music section.

D I´d gotten 1000 kroner as a birthday gift from my girlfriends father and were looking to spend it on records. I bought 2 Hiawata! records, 1 Matthias Tellez, 1 Datarock, some I can´t remember and of course the Nomber 5s one. The only reason I got it was because of the cover. (red. Himmelblå bakgrunn med en skater som gjør et triks).

D I don´t know how to explain it, but Nomber 5s just touched me. Their front man Einar Stubhaug is just a world class songwriter. We first met Hiawata! when we played at Rock Mot Kreft and had no idea Einar plays the bass in that band.

C To Dan it was like The Beatles were back playing together.

D I think Einar was a bit freaked out in the beginning with all the attention, but we became friends and I bought him five beers as in No 5s.

F Einar actually played with us on stage at Torp Festivalen when we did a Pulp cover.

Hva er forskjellen på The Rise and Fall og debuten deres?

D The first record was practically the first 11 songs we ever did. This one we wrote 50-60 songs and we had much more choice. We have also learned a lot since the beginning.

C Everyone in the band are better musicians now. We´ve been honing our singing and writing skills. Producer Sjur Lyseid did a good job with Lifting Ships. On The Rise And Fall we wanted to sound bigger and Bjarne Stensli got that.

F We wanted this record to reflect the energy we have on stage.

C Lifting Ships were about mine and Dan´s experiences in Brazil, while this one is more about the whole bands experiences and about Oslo. The album is written in Norway about living in Norway and being Norwegian.

D It’s a love letter to Oslo.

Så deilig å høre at noen fortsatt skriver kjærlighetsbrev. Som engelskmenn, føler dere dere noen ganger mer som turister enn artister når dere reiser rundt i Norge og spiller konserter?

C Me and Dan have been to more places in Norway than most Norwegians. Sometimes I feel like a tour guide giving tips to Norwegians. Like, have you tried that restaurant in Båtsfjord?

D We´ve seen the midnight sun, people pissing outside in “daylight”.

C Norway is relentlessly beautiful to travel in. It’s like Jennifer Aniston in her heyday.

D Ridiculously hot!

C Travelling from Volda to Oslo is like spending eleven hours in Lord of the Rings.

Forhåpentligvis uten små sutrete Hobiter. Dere har jo også vært en tur i hjemlandet deres og spilt konsert, hvordan var responsen der?

D Yes, it was really good. We played in a nice venue in front of a sellout crowd. It was a really good night. Rudi, our guitarist´s amp exploded, so we had to freestyle. Basically it was the usual Casa Murilo stuff and we’d love to do it again.

C The next couple of months we’re playing Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Moss, Fredrikstad, Haugesund, Oslo, Amsterdam, Aarhus and I think Malmö.

F And after new year we start touring again.

C Actually Rikskonsertene is sending us to Bangladesh to do workshops in songwriting and how to start a band. We´ll be playing on radio and TV and going into the studio with local musicians.

F This will be the first time I get to use my degree in Musicology.

C It coincides the Indian Indie music festival. We’re also going to play concerts in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi.

Dette høres jo ut som et helt vanvittig eventyr som vi gleder oss til å høre mer om ved en senere anledning. Noe mange ikke vet er at Dan lager sykt bra rap-tekster. Har dere planer om en hip-hop karriere, eller en Casa Murilo låt med et rap-vers?

D I’m a fucking great rapper, but Chris can also bust rhymes. I’ve made two rap records back in the day. Last night I went to see Vinni and he´s brilliant, but there´s no reason, with our band, that we couldn’t do something close to that.

C Maybe we’ll make a rap EP.

Det hadde vært jævlig kult. Dere nevnte noe om en duell?

C Yeah, we live right across the road from Jonas Alaska and Mikhael Paskalev, and we can see into their flat. We’d like to challenge them to a two a side football match in the small park between our buildings.

D Maybe also a sing-of or a rap-of.

C FUCKING BRING IT! In a nice way, a sporting way.

D We respect them, but we don´t fear them.

D+C Seriously, they are great, but we could definitely beat them in football.

Hansken er kastet.

The Rise And Fall slippes torsdag 12. oktober, med påfølgende releasekonsert på Rockefeller 18. oktober.

Sjekk også ut Murilo’s Wednesday Club på Sawol og omtale av albumet her hos oss.

Dag Løchstøer Hauge , 10.oktober 2012




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